At the University of North Texas, we fuel our students through knowledge and opportunity. We power the region and the state through education, making UNT the catalyst for discovery and innovation since 1890.

& Faculty Excellence

UNT's 36,000 students thrive in an environment defined by academic rigor and dedicated, innovative faculty.

Student Experience
& Support

UNT provides strong support to ensure students excel and have the passion and the skills to become the leaders and doers of tomorrow.

Research, Innovation
& the Arts

UNT pushes the boundaries of innovative research, scholarship and creativity to solve global problems.

Fiscal Responsibility

UNT is dedicated to providing the best educational experience while remaining good stewards of the public's trust and funding.

2012 Annual Report

UNT President V. Lane Rawlins

“UNT is a green giant. Green because we transform the light of knowledge into the energy of problem solving and creativity. Giant because we serve thousands of students and millions of people in our region, state, nation and world. To achieve greatness, we must imagine all that we can be tomorrow and build on all that we are today.”

— UNT President V. Lane Rawlins